Help learners take control of their assignments

With a resource and guidance feature, you can add links and helpful learning material to portfolios to encourage independent study with useful guides and techniques to getting ahead.

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Assign learners to qualifications

Learners have the option to have as many live qualifications as necessary on their portfolio and can be working on different ones at different times.

Accredited, Non-Accredited and Knowledge, Skills & Behaviours

Learners studying towards more than one outcome? Clear and concise sections breaking qualifications down so it is easier to separate units and modules.

Apprenticeship information and employer details

Giving employers their own dedicated login so they can monitor their apprentices progress ensuring the apprentice or learner journey goes full circle.

One assessor.
Multiple learners.

Taking away the need for filing cabinets and online folders, you can manage a full caseload in one place and work through it whenever you need it.

Mark, assess and quality assure all in one place

Work can be marked by an assessor and then passed through to an internal or external quality assurer for verification all through the system.

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