Tequ makes training managment easy

Keeping on top of your organisation's training can be difficult. Tequ can provide you with the visibility and tools to manage everything and everyone in one place.

See it in action

A single source of training truth

Whether you're a learner, an assessor or a manager, every user has a dedicated dashboard complete with status updates to help make sure all training stays on track.

Assign training at the touch of a button

Tequ gives you full visibility of the training status of every team member across your organisation and allows you to assign training tasks directly to individuals when needed.

Everything right where you need it

All users can upload their relevent qualifications, training documentation, learning evidence and certification onto their individual training record, meaning no more lost paperwork.

Full visibility on training progress

With a dashboard function that can measure the live progress of your organisation, you'll never lose track of your team's progress.

Provide real-time feedback

Something not looking right with a user's training evidence? Tequ lets you send a message to them directly pinpointing what's misssing to get things resolved quickly.

Notifications keeping everyone in the loop

New training to complete? Training evidence to review? Never miss a training update with reminder emails and push notifications.

Interested in finding out more?

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