We make verification simple

The system has been designed so that getting users online and verified as Tequ users is hassle free. With every user kept in one easy to use space, filter out relevant information and manage data competently.

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Receive identification from learners

Learners can verify their own identity by uploading photo I.D and storing it in their online portfolio. Confirming your learners and organising caseloads has never been simpler

Receive proof of speech video recordings

Adding an extra element to learner identification, hear your users in action with the voice verification tool

Verify everything before granting access

Have the confidence that your caseload is verified with active live learners. Keep accurate records of who you are working with as part of our onboarding verification template. Have a clear view of who is using the system and when.

Provide feedback if somethings not right

Something not looking right with a learner enrolment? Tequ lets you send a message directly to the learner pinpointing what's missing in order to resolve quickly.

Grant approval and get started 🚀

Provide instant access for your users once approved onto the system to begin their learner journey.

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See it in action

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See it in action