What we'll go through

We offer two types of demo. For those who need a quick look, we have a 15 minute snapshot which can give you a brief overview of the functionality and features. Alternatively, for an end to end discovery, we offer an hour long demo which includes time for questions. Just let us know which option is best for you.

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The platform

Do a deep dive around the features and functionality of the platform with us to see how it could work for you. Try uploading qualifications or adding learners to see it in action


We can discuss onboarding with you whether you already use a system or are moving your provision online. We are here to make the transition as easy as possible


Tequ has a range of different packages to choose from for different cohort sizes. Training provider? business organisation? college? we will have something to suit your needs


As well as initial onboarding support there are various quarterly and annual training sessions, webinars and account support for our customers

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