Stay in touch with your learners

With multiple contact options in the system, feel confident that whether you are delivering feedback or asking a question there is a place to do it in Tequ.

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Collaborate with learners through message updates

Have the ability to chat back and forth in the direct message box so that all conversations are in one easy to find place. Need to send a quick message? this function removes the need for an email.

Assessors get full visibility of progress

With a dashboard function that can measure the live progress of your cohort, never lose track of yours and your learners progress. Use the live dashboard function for overall progress or see it learner by learner.

Talk through criteria directly with learners

Give direct feedback as often as needed on learner work as a reference point for learners to see and action in real time.

Email notifications to keep everyone in the loop

Emails sent to you and your learners to notify you of changes within a portfolio. New message? Work uploaded for review? Never miss an update with the reminder email function.

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