The all-in-one
training platform

Manage and track the training and skills of your people, all in one place. From end-to-end training management to e-learning modules, Tequ has everything you and your teams need.

Say goodbye to paperwork

Our intuitive, simple-to-use training platform takes the hard work (and paperwork) out of managing your organisation's training requirements.

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Instant e-learning at your fingertips

Tequ offers a comprehensive e-learning system, offering all the training modules you need plus the means to track and certify those who have completed them.

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Training. Anytime, anywhere

Personal development is no longer just for the training room. Tequ works around everyone's commitments to be available when you need it.

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Ensure your teams stay on track

Each user gets their own dashboard and tracking system, enabling them to manage their own training development.


Real-time training updates

Share training content and updates with teams or individuals to keep everyone informed.

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